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Subventions de la génétique dans NICO

2020-21     Genetic impact on youth vaping: Extending known genetic risk factors in smoking and

                   tobacco-related illnesses to vaping

                   CIHR Catalyst Grant: Health Effects of Vaping - $99,942

                   Co-Principal Investigators: Chenoweth MJ, Tyndale RF

                   Co-Investigators: Eisenberg M; Hammond D, O'Loughlin J, Porath A, Sylvestre MP


2016-20    Genetic determinants of individual blood pressure trajectories in adolescents.

                  CIHR - $355,492

                  Co-Principal Investigators: Sylvestre MP; O’Loughlin J

                  Co-Investigators: Engert J, Karp I, Williams S  

2017-18    Depressive symptoms in adolescence: The independent and interactive influences of 

                 genetics and physical activity over time.

                 CIHR Operating Grant: Analyses of existing Canadian cohorts and databases related to

                 reproductive, child and maternal health and Cancer Control program - $75,000

                 Co-Principal Investigators: Brunet J, Sylvestre MP

                 Co-Investigators: Karp I, Engert J, Williams S, O’Loughlin J

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